Who Is The Writing Texan?

My name is Dr. Carolyn Roark. I help smart, accomplished people to:

  • perfect your message
  • finish that book
  • wow your readers

Great books provide great reader experience.

What’s a woman like you doing in a job like this?

I finished my Ph.D. at 29 and headed straight into the Ivory Tower. Five years later I stole out a window and never looked back. I loved teaching analysis, theory, and composition, but if I never attend another committee meeting it will be too soon.
Academics gave me some amazing opportunities: I learned that there’s no substitute for solid research, sound critical thinking, and logical structure. I developed a taste for style and good syntax (without becoming a grammar bully). I met incredible people. I started an academic journal.
Now I coach, edit, and ghostwrite to help aspiring authors express themselves beautifully and find the right platform for their ideas. My clients have included everyone from venture capitalists to restaurateurs to cancer survivors.
From start to finish, Carolyn Roark assisted me with every aspect of writing my humorous novel. Honestly, I could not have completed this project without her deep literary knowledge, creative input, and keen attention to detail. Prompt and professional, Carolyn completed the work beyond my expectations. I would undoubtedly recommend her services and will be using her again soon.


Without Carolyn this book would not have the proper voice or direction to become the great story that it has. She constantly kept me on point and clarified my words from the beginning to the end. It’s important to have an editor who understands the author they are working with in order to properly put their words and thoughts on paper.

-Tom Bradburn

Writing a book with Carolyn was extremely frustrating. However, that’s a great thing. You don’t want an editor who is easy on your writing and overly supportive, because if they are, your book won’t have any chance at reaching its potential. If you are looking for the easiest pathway to writing, don’t work with Carolyn. If you want to be challenged, much like a personal trainer would challenge you in the gym, then she is the best. My book has her to thank for its six-pack abs.

-Nick Powills

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