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Celebrate Your Creative Independence with a Simple Writing Hack

Jul 23, 2014 | Do the Write Things

Greetings from the Writing Texan! After taking a winter hiatus (then getting buried in spring cleaning), what better way to announce the return of the newsletter than with a tip designed to kick your writing into gear?

There’s no worse feeling than staring at a half-empty screen–or page, if you’re old school–and thinking, “I have nothing more to say!” Writers encounter this roadblock at all stages, from high school composition to that guest blog post you’re supposed to send out tonight. That looming deadline hurts when you’re drained and dry. Get back on track with a little love/hate.

First, start a separate page or document file. Put “What I HATE About This Subject” at the top. Then spend five minutes just venting everything negative you might be feeling. Has it become indescribably boring? Are all of the characters terrible people? Is the news too depressing to bear? Put it down.

Next, start a new line and put “What I Love About This Subject” in the middle. Now spend five minutes jotting down everything that drew you to it, anything you find fascinating, every little fact or detail that excites you.

Finally, start another new line and put “What I Want Other People to Know About This Subject. ” Make a list of the things you want to share with others. Are there compelling facts? New techniques that will make their lives better? A pot-boiling story guaranteed to drop any jaw?

At the end of fifteen minutes, I’ll bet you’ll sigh with relief as your creative spark is emancipated from ennui. Now get back to that blog post and light it up!

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