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Apr 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

It has happened time and again. Someone sits down across from me, or stares out from my computer screen, sighs, and says, “I’m a terrible writer.” It’s a hell of a conversation starter. I don’t doubt that they believe it, nor that they wish it were otherwise. They just aren’t sure what to do to resolve the problem. Of course, that’s often why they come to me. For my part I have found them–almost without exception–to be intelligent, interesting, funny, and thoughtful people who needed, more than anything else, a little help saying what they wanted to say in the way they wanted to say it. So that is what I work to give them: a bit of help living write.

Great communication is a worthy goal for anyone. Good writing can resolve difficulties, prevent problems, make life easier, and help you get the things you want most. It doesn’t matter how skilled a communicator a person is, they can continue to improve and grow throughout life. Even Shakespeare did–just look at the difference between Comedy of Errors and The Tempest. Above all, writing is a craft; it develops through practice.

With these things in mind, I am excited to launch a new adventure, the Living Write Newsletter. A monthly publication of the Writing Texan, Living Write will discuss the craft of writing, share wisdom on finding inspiration and harnessing creativity, offer tips and shortcuts to better technical skill. You will also find healthy doses of humor and delight for the days when writing (or living) well seem impossible.

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